Debate and Drama Club
School Debate and drama club organizes a debate in school in every term and every six month a drama is organized. All students are encouraged to participate. Each class also has its own debates and dramas. School teachers are provide able guidance and training to students in kills of debate and drama. Some experts also are invited for the skill training.

Option of playing at least one sports is mandatory for all students.
The school offers state of art courts for basketball, badminton, volleyball, lawn tennis, table tennis, skating rink, grounds for cricket, football etc. Annual sports meet is organized on the Founder’s Day in February every year to develop the spirit of sportsmanship, cooperation and team spirit amongst students.

Yoga and Meditation
Yoga and meditation are a compulsory activity in school for all students. Teaching of yoga and meditation to young minds has tremendous positive effect on their learning and memorizing skills. It makes them focus on their given assignment. It helps in making children life more vibrant and beautiful with happiness. When they grow up, they can continue this as their childhood habit.

Library is equipped with more than thousand books on all subjects of natural and social science, art & literature, environment, mathematics etc. the books are in Hindi and English languages and caters to the need of CBSE, New Delhi. There are story books for children, fictions, autobiographies, comics and animates books. There are also books for our tiny tots for learning number and alphabets. School library is open for all students even after school hour and on holidays as well.

Computer Lab
School offers computer education to all its students. It has well equipped lab with 10 computers at present, which are being upgraded to 30 computers lab by next year. Practical lessons are given to students by expert teachers. Students are left free to learn themselves and develop their own skills. Even after the school hour, computer lab is open for students all 365 days in a year. Internet facility is available.
Science and Mathmatics Lab
School is developing science and mathematics lab.

Music Room
One very important aspect of PN Public Academy is teaching of music to all students. Its mandatory for all students to learn at least one instrument to play. School has many music instruments like Tabla, Dholak, Mouth Organ, flute, Guitar, drum, Piano, Harmonium, Veena etc. We are acquiring more instruments. The aim is to have School own Orchestra. Our students are playing the instruments during School prayer in groups. Special training can be provided to students on the consent of Parents.
Hobby Claases
School encourages each student to pursue their hobbies and offer classes in some areas. All students have a choice to opt for atleast one hobby class which is offered twice in a week. Photography, Aeromodelling, First-Aid, Dramatics, Painting, Sculpture, Music, Carpentry and a host of other activities are offered to our students.
Well-trained staff and external instructors supervise the classes.

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